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trillend klaarkomen amateur sletten

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Yo a girl like u should not be in this business for one ur eyes r just stunning and ur exteamly beautiful but girl if I see bruises like that again I don't The bruises are from sex that she obviously enjoys. Stop trying to be an sjw to someone who won't even read this. Beautiful girl with beautiful hair and a beautiful pussy.

Why does that asshole have to choke her? All of her videos are ruined because of this. Same problem with me she is beautiful and sexy, but that choking is something I'm not that into. But it's her choice.

I mean, she's clearly into it. The thing is, I couldn't help but notice that she's got big bruises on her butt. I mean sure if they are into that let them do what they want to do. What is she, your daughter?

Does She have a soul? Her Gaze look so empty I think that's more related to him: I'd love to see how she got those bruises! I love your videos. And for all you saying "omg her bruises.

Do you not understand some girls like being manhandled and enjoy being spanked? You can see it in her little smiles and moaning pleasure. Considering your sentence, I believe you No complaints, but the walking on fours is a tad odd. To each their own I suppose. It's good to see the normies are still getting weirded out. Perhaps she is into it, it's not a huge secret some women enjoy rougher play. This is homemade mind you, so if there was an issue there's a pretty good chance she'd say something.

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That's why I'm here Gets me so fucking hard! God, that girl is beautiful. Damn that guy is hopeless. I love the rolling eyes, and how hard she tried. Shame the guy was struggling with her.

She was just begging for a little bit more! The intro music to every user video is extremely and obnoxiously loud, and has been for some time now despite false claims of it being lowered.

Shut the fuck up with your fucking comments about how abusing women is so fucking bad. Abusing anyone or anything is fucking horrible.

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